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Joen Asmussen joen at noscope.com
Wed Apr 6 08:09:55 GMT 2005

How embarrassing that this email drowned in my mailbox! This email, and 
even the followups!

I like it! I like it a lot.

This is _exactly_ in the "direction" that I was personally thinking 
Wordpress should go.

It's got the love, it's got the simplicity, it's got some colours that 
haven't been too branded by other CMS's yet, it's got many things going 
for it.

I can't believe I actually hadn't seen these when we met in Copenhagen :)

I actually think I'm going to throw in a vote for the "heart_logo.jpg"

However, with all this said, a few tweaks should be made to the logos 
first. I agree with Chris, that the hearts need a little tweaking. This 
could be done by slightly increasing the spacing between the left and 
right side of the logo. There are some vectors there that need a little 
love as well. Plus, it's as though the whole balance / shape of the logo 
is just a little off... but this could all just be if it was a sketch.

Secondly, while I really like the rounded font (HelveticaRounded?), 
there's something just a little... off, about it. Heck, it might even be 
a stretch to go from Dante to HelveticaRounded right away... but I'm not 
sure about this, I still like it. I'd definitely want Denis do work on a 
custom typography -- maybe the direction Sari has taken could work? 
(Sari can be seen as the font on the tabs of http://www.sporkle.com/ - 
it's got the rounded quality of HelvRounded, but with the accentuation 
of a Serif).

Finally, I don't like the apple'ish drop shadow beneath the big heart. 
To be honest, that seems like an implementation / design WITH the logo, 
rather than plainly a logo. However, that might be exactly what Denis 
wanted to show: how the logo COULD be used. But I'd mention it anyway.



Matt Mullenweg wrote:

> I'm all about the loooove. Thoughts?
> Note we still haven't seen what Jason Santa Maria is going to do.
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> Subject:     Re: WordPress Logo
> Date:     Tue, 22 Mar 2005 23:29:17 +0000
> From:     Denis Radenkovic <denis at 38one.com>
> To:     Matthew Mullenweg <m at mullenweg.com>
> References:     <420D9108.9080400 at mullenweg.com>
> <421647A6.1020707 at 38one.com> <4217C520.9070105 at mullenweg.com>
> <4219DA4F.5040201 at 38one.com> <421BE7D9.1010603 at mullenweg.com>
> Hi Matthew,
> Please find attached the logo proposals I have made for the new
> WordPress identity. I apologise if I made you wait a bit too long.
> I have made three proposals, and I will continue working on the one you
> choose. I have tried to make an eye-catching symbol that will help to
> make the new WordPress identity good-looking, easily recognizable and
> different from the competition.
> A few words about all three proposals,
> All of them can be rendered in three dimensions and colour, but at the
> same time they work well in 2D, as well as in black and white.
> A funky and fashionable look was also one of the things I wanted to
> achieve, but as it should appeal to different tastes of different
> people, I think it shouldn’t go too far!
> All of the marks work well in very small dimensions.
> *heart_logo.jpg *and *heart_RGB_logo.jpg *
> The idea is a ‘W’ letter while the shape at the left of the logo conveys
> a heart shape which evokes the value of WordPress as an exciting and
> free, but at the same time, priceless blogging software.
> The idea regarding colours, was to work in RGB colours. The shape of the
> ’W’ is conveyed  from the shape of the rotated speech bubble. The
> advantage of the heart_RGB_logo.jpg is that it works well in RGB colours
> and it gives more an impression of speech bubbles and conversation.
> *think_01.jpg*
> The last one is slightly different. It graphically describes how easy it
> is to start blogging on your own website by using WordPress. With
> WordPress you can quite literally “plug in and play”, but it is also
> very versatile and customisable at the same time. The ‘W’ has a more
> rounded look which evokes the sense of lightness and ease; this extends
> into two small thought bubbles. I have added my own tagline!
> At this stage, all three designs need to be developed further, and I
> would work on the one that you choose. I am also thinking of developing
> a customized typography for WordPress that would fit better with the
> logo. The one I’ve used here is just an example.
> Let me know your thought on the design.
> Thanks,
> Denis

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