[theme-reviewers] Why can't theme authors have a second version of a theme?

David Chandra david at shellcreeper.com
Sun Sep 28 06:38:55 UTC 2014

and don't worry if anyone else decide to submit the name "Responsive
Mobile". I got several other name:
"Responsive Z", "Responsive XYZ", or maybe "Responsive 101".

if Cyberchimp can use the name "Responsive X" or "Responsive..." then
anyone should be able to do the same, right?
because theme author/owner can transfer theme to other person/user.
that means there should not be a special case to a company/user.
because a week later(read: arbitrary time) the can decide to sell the theme
and the name to someone else.
(like in Responsive).

I think this is the "can of worms" otto mention in email.

-- David.

 On Sep 28, 2014 1:10 PM, "David Chandra" <david at shellcreeper.com> wrote:

> then, I can take the name "Responsive Mobile", right(?)
> thank you!
> I'll build the theme today.
> and I'll submit it  maybe tomorrow.
> David.
> On Sep 28, 2014 8:12 AM, "Bryan Hadaway" <bhadaway at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Okay, thank you everyone who participated in debating the issue.
>> We'll come up with a new name "Responsive X" - "X" representing a word
>> that doesn't conflict with the current naming scheme.
>> We can consider the issue resolved and closed, at least for our specific
>> ticket.
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