[theme-reviewers] Why can't theme authors have a second version of a theme?

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 04:39:52 UTC 2014

*@tskk79* - In short, you can name anything whatever you want, even
completely made up words, as long as it will not reasonably cause confusion
in the marketplace. In fact, there can be thousands of companies in
different industries with the same exact name, sometimes even the same
industry if they're in different states for example and unlikely to be
confused with one-another.

Yes, hypothetically speaking, their could be an apple company (fruit
business) Called "Apple Orchards Inc." as this doesn't cause a likely
confusion with "Apple Computers Inc."

Other than that, feel free to read up on trademark law more and start a new
discussion if you like, but let's not take this one too off-topic.

*@Philip and Everyone* - Okay, thank you for your opinions and input.
Nothing left to discuss now at this point, but to wait for the admin's
ultimate ruling.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Thank you.
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