[theme-reviewers] Wordpress help

Bikram Baral baralbikram at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 19 07:02:36 UTC 2014

Hi there,
i am doing a project and on my computer science class. The project is based on how I can contribute in Wordpress. Along the way of my research, i notice i have to download some software and i choose, "instantwp.com" 

As i was doing it. I change theme, background color, some style.. Etc. the thing is as i  that apps(insnantwp) i got kicked out of dashboard and other things. Now i cannot login back. I dont know what the problem is.  Is there any way you can help with whats going on.

I even made web title, its called "Bikramcoolstuff" and i use my email as baralbikram at hotmail.com

Thank you
Bikram Baral
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