[theme-reviewers] Theme selection is great frustration

Yentl Bresseleers hello at design311.com
Thu Sep 18 01:40:54 UTC 2014

I understand that, but there's no way for the preview button to tell if 
the link is a demo page or something else.
We can add whatever we want to the style.css header? That's interesting.
Going to add a "Demo URI:" / "Preview URI:" from now on then, we'll see 
where that goes.

On 18/09/2014 03:37, Edward Caissie wrote:
> There is also this in the guidelines:
>     Theme URL, if used, is required to link to a page specifically
>     related to the Theme. *If a demonstration site or page is being
>     used*, the content must be related to the theme itself.
>     http://wordpress.org/themes/theme-name is reserved for default
>     themes only and no longer accepted. (*Bold* mine)
> Although it would be interesting, and there is nothing stopping you 
> from adding more to the theme style.css' header section the 
> functionality is basically already in place.
> Edward Caissie
> aka Cais.
> On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Emil Uzelac <emil at uzelac.me 
> <mailto:emil at uzelac.me>> wrote:
>     It takes time, work and patience.
>     On Wednesday, September 17, 2014, Yentl Bresseleers
>     <hello at design311.com <mailto:hello at design311.com>> wrote:
>         Totally agree, the "Preview" button doesn't really show
>         anything decent in 99% of all themes.
>         Even for default themes these preview button doesn't really
>         show anything useful:
>         http://wp-themes.com/twentyfourteen/
>         Wouldn't it be better if that link got replaced by the demo
>         url, which you can find here?
>         http://twentyfourteendemo.wordpress.com/
>         Another comparison:
>         http://wp-themes.com/twentythirteen/ vs
>         http://twentythirteendemo.wordpress.com/
>         Most probably this is out of our hands but I really think we
>         should add a "Demo URI:" to our style.css file.
>         That link can then be used on the Preview button rather than
>         the link we currently have.
>         This seems like a really easy fix.
>         Maybe we should add the Demo URI in *style.css* and
>         *readme.txt* even if we have no control over the preview button.
>         People looking at these files will at least get an idea of
>         what is possible with the theme.
>         What do you guys think? What do you propose?
>         On 18/09/2014 02:46, // ravi wrote:
>>         Hello all,
>>         this is a bit larger than theme review, so apologies
>>         beforehand if it is misdirected, but I want to relate my
>>         experience in trying to help some friends choose a theme for
>>         their site. In this effort, searching on wordpress.org
>>         <http://wordpress.org> using the provided filters is a very
>>         frustrating experience, mostly stemming from a disparity
>>         between the filter selection, the theme preview image, and
>>         the actual theme preview.
>>         First, what shows up in the preview is a far cry from what is
>>         in the screenshot. It is understandable that the screenshot
>>         was carefully crafted with various features enabled in order
>>         to display the theme at its best, and therefore some
>>         discrepancy is inevitable. But what one sees in the preview
>>         at times has almost no relation visually to the screenshot.
>>         Next, what appears in the preview seems to have no relation
>>         to the selected filters either. Say I select "left
>>         sidebar"... well, in many cases, the preview has none.
>>         Having written a few themes myself, back in the stone ages, I
>>         realise that there are reasons behind all of this, but
>>         consider the experience from a regular WordPress user's
>>         perspective. Selecting a theme is one of the first, and
>>         certainly the most defining activity, for a new user.
>>         Whatever the underlying reasons may be, their experience has
>>         to be better than what occurs today.
>>         Apologies if I have missed some obvious steps that would have
>>         improved my experience.
>>         Regards,
>>         ---ravi
>>         P.S: background: this was for a self-hosted blog, not one on
>>         WordPress.com <http://WordPress.com>.
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