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Wed Sep 3 17:52:22 UTC 2014

Take care Chip, thank you.

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<div>-------- Originalmeddelande --------</div><div>Från: Chip Bennett <chip at chipbennett.net> </div><div>Datum:03-09-2014  18:35  (GMT+01:00) </div><div>Till: "[theme-reviewers]" <theme-reviewers at lists.wordpress.org> </div><div>Rubrik: [theme-reviewers] Theme Review Admin Sabbatical </div><div>

I will be taking an indefinite sabbatical from Theme Review Admin duties.
The Theme Review Team should be in more-than-capable hands while I'm away.

As always, thank you, all, for your contributions, and I will see you when
I return.


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