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Afzaal (ThinkUpThemes) wordpress at thinkupthemes.com
Wed Oct 29 13:13:24 UTC 2014

Hello all,


I just wanted to share some thoughts and hear the thoughts from others on
possible methods for tackling the long wait time for theme reviews. Although
long wait times are less of an issue for new themes, I'm more concerned with
the recent increase in wait times for theme updates. Often updates are
released to fix issues and in an ideal world it would be great to have these
reach users quickly.


In a recent discussion Tammie applauded SiteOrigin for their commitment in
allocating 5% of their resources to assist with WordPress.org activities. I
definitely believe that anyone benefitting financially from WordPress.org
should in recognition of this opportunity allocate some of their resources
back to WordPress.org. Anything at all would be beneficial.


So here's my proposal. Any author that submits a theme (either new or
update) should first complete a review before that theme itself can be


The benefits of this are:


.         Reduce the wait time in the review queue.

.         More themes will be reviewed by experienced developers (those who
themselves have developed a theme for acceptance to WP.org

.         Help to make the reviewer a better developer.


As an initial thought the number of reviews that the author must complete
will be a percentage based on the number of themes ahead of them in the
review queue.


.         New Theme - Review 2%. E.g if you are approximately at position
100, kindly review 2 new themes.

.         Theme update - Review 10%. E.g if you are approximately at
position 60, kindly review 6 updates.


I know that this is a very rough estimate, and yes the absolute value
calculated from the percentage will vary as each new review is picked up.
However, I'd like to think we can be trusted to broadly follow any
guidelines we may agree upon.


Love to hear your thoughts! J



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