[theme-reviewers] Friendly request? About themes comments section

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Thu Oct 23 10:47:39 UTC 2014

comments_link()   get_comments_link() appends #comments to the end of the 

If  the comments section displaying on the single pages/posts does not have 
a id="comments" then the comments_link appending of the #comments is 
worthless .. I see quite a few themes that only have the #respond section 
but not the wrapper around it for #comments

The most common reason is that dev's have it so that it's in the part of the 
comments.php section that only shows up when the post actually has a comment 
made for it ..

^ which it shouldn't, then it's not seen or used as a ref.  for the 
#comments in the comments_link;   it should be the class for the wrapper for 
the whole entire comments section - or at least shown as a marker location 
regardless if the post has comments or not

- Phil

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