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Tammie Lister karmatosed at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 16:30:44 UTC 2014

I'll take a look at https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/20384 
today. It should be dealt with by reviewer but I'm happy to step back 
in. Queues are a part currently of the review process - whether we like 
it or not. What you need to do is ensure you pick up the small details 
and low hanging issues. Those were what made your theme reopened. If you 
make sure you follow the guidelines then the process will be much 
smoother and faster.


On 20/10/2014 17:23, Codeinwp wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> There is an issue with the reopened tickets ? For example nobody 
> answered here since 2 weeks : 
> https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/20384 and we usually fix 
> issues in max 1-2 days.
> Also once a theme is approved and we wait 1 month for an admin to mark 
> it live and he found small issues and reopen the theme, do we need to 
> wait again to be picked-up, approved, admin, live ?
> Since for example I don't see this 
> https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/19906 here : 
> https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/query?status=approved&group=priority&col=id&col=summary&col=reporter&col=owner&col=priority&col=changetime&col=keywords&report=24&order=changetime 
> anymore .
> I appreciate all the work that you guys are doing here, I am not 
> trying to push or something, just to get a better idea about the 
> timeline and to find if there is an issue.
> -- 
> Best regards,
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Tammie Lister

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