[theme-reviewers] Theme Unit Tests on GitHub?

Gary Jones gary at gamajo.com
Fri Oct 10 14:08:45 UTC 2014


1. Could the theme unit tests file be put on public repo on GitHub?
2. Anyone want to help tackle https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/22279 ?

Posting after Tammie suggested I do.

I'd like to see The Theme Unit Tests file on GitHub for the following

 * Access to commit history to see what exactly has changed version to
version. Currently, us mere mortals can only see when it was updated - the
information about what was not updated is not available (or not easy to
find) as it's part of Automattic's SVN repo.
 * Easier to see already-reported bugs and enhancements, rather than wading
through the mailing list archives.

There's a fork already on GH (https://github.com/manovotny/wptest) which
claims to have added extra edge cases. But I've currently got no idea which
cases these are, and why they weren't added to the original Tests
file. Michael also believes that further cases and fixes may have been
added to the official Tests since the fork that aren't in his, so now we
may have two sets of tests, mostly but not completely duplicated.

If the official Tests were on GH, and open to pull requests on those edge
cases and other issues, then I'd hope that wptest could be discontinued to
just leave a single more-complete test suite that everyone can benefit from.

The wptest file has fixed things like
https://github.com/manovotny/wptest/issues/27 (s/Isaac Newton/Albert
Einstein) and https://github.com/manovotny/wptest/issues/24
(s/Horizontal/Vertical on vertical featured image alt text) which the
official Tests are still bugged with. Both tests are bugged with missing
markup formatting tests for some elements,
https://github.com/manovotny/wptest/issues/37 (s/Headers/Headings) and a
side-effect of https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/29621 (post titles
stripped of markup on export).

One of the things that would make contributions *considerably* easier would
be to get https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/22279 (mixed line endings
for XML vs cdata in export) fixed. That would enable direct editing of the
file without breaking line-endings, without having to set up a clean WP
install, import, amend and export. If anyone has experience of the Exporter
and could help on this, then I would personally be grateful, as would
potential GitHub contributors :-)


Gary Jones
Web Developer, Gamajo Tech
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