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Tammie Lister karmatosed at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 09:53:48 UTC 2014

I'll put it out there, I have this little wish that we grow enough to 
have our own team in a team that focus on the tools we use. That said, I 
think if there is a WPTRT GH organisation at the very least the active 
admins should all be on it. They should also all have the same rights - 
we really need to remove these bottlenecks relying on one person. We all 
rock but sometimes we all have lives outside that need attention. We can 
add people if they contribute a lot of good stuff too - we should be 
adding people if they do that.

I would hate everything to end up having to be done on private GH repos. 
I considered this for the doing_it_wrong theme and it feels wrong and 
not in the spirit of the team to do that. We have learnt that keeping 
things associated with one person doesn't go well always for the 
longevity of that code - debogger plugin anyone?

@Cais - could you update all current admins to the GH organisation so we 
can at least be active about getting new projects going?

Tammie Lister

On 10/10/2014 09:33, Ulrich Pogson wrote:
> @Otto
> Can we contribute to the Theme Check plugin?`
> The GitHub repo seems to be out of date.
> https://github.com/pross/theme-check
> @Cais
> I have also seen that there is a WPTRT organisation on GitHub.
> https://github.com/WPTRT
> Could we use that to collaborate with each other or even use that for 
> the doing_it_wrong theme?
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Tammie Lister

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