[theme-reviewers] Appropriate Theme URI and Author URI

julien.klepatch julien at julienklepatch.com
Fri Oct 10 02:56:49 UTC 2014

In Chip article (http://www.chipbennett.net/2011/04/20/a-guide-to-reviewing-themes-for-the-wordpress-theme-repository/) it says that in headers tags we have to
"..ensure that Theme URI and Author URI, if used, are valid and appropriate"
"Review the indicated URLs. Ensure that the sites are appropriate, that they do not sell or promote non-GPL" 

I understand valid, but what about appropriate ? 

In the theme I am reviewing, there are these URIs:
Theme URI:          http://kadencethemes.com/product/pinnacle-free-theme/
Author URI:         http://www.kadencethemes.com/

Not sure whether this is considered "appropriate"


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