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Amazing with the interest I have been getting, and so quickly too…anyway, I don’t use Skype, but I should mention that I plan to list this site up on the flippa auction site for bidding. This one will be a total sale of the site, themes, social, and all the domains I have for it.  Here is a quick snapshot of info:


1.            620 active members (overall 865 registered users)

2.            Average 2-3 new members daily

3.            First year revenue $40K and this year will be close to that

4.            Expenses are roughly $200 monthly

5.            Support time ranges from 0 to 60 minutes per day.


If you are still interested, let me know (once you had a good night sleep), but until then, I will work on putting the flippa listing up.


Kind Regards,










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Would love to discuss the acquisition and merger on skype.  Let me know if you want to discuss.  Would love to give you royalty as ongoing and recurring income if you agree to handover the website and business to us. We can have a legal contract if this gives you peace of mind. Let me know your thoughts (drop me a personal email with your expectations). 
Off to bed now. Will wait for your email.
Ciao :)

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Greetings everyone!


Because this is theme related, especially having several free themes in the repository (plus a new one waiting for review and another to be submitted next week). 

Has anyone heard through the grapevine if any theme developers might be looking to acquire other theme sites (acquisition)? 


To the point, I’ve been working two sites full-time and there just isn’t enough hours in a day to keep manage both which is starting to have an effect. This was a very difficult decision to make to say the least, but I am planning to release my Styled Themes website. It has several free themes here at the repository as well premium theme versions of each on the Styled Themes website. I’s important that it goes to someone who develops themes and knows WordPress….I don’t want to see this site collapse due to someone who is not familiar with the business….I would just cry if that happened because so much work and effort has gone into it, plus, I want to ensure my theme members are looked after well which is important. I will be putting this site up on flippa for auction, but thought I would see if anyone within the business here might be interested.


Andre – Styled Themes


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