[theme-reviewers] Five for The Future

Tammie Lister karmatosed at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 11:29:15 UTC 2014

This rocks!

Thanks so much. Every hour counts! I am of the same belief that every theme
shop no matter what size can and should devote 5% of it's resources. It not
only helps themes, helps maintain the universe you live in and get revenue
from, but it also means you keep fresh with the standards.

I also would take it further and say you shouldn't submit a theme without
also reviewing one. Think of it like theme karma :) I know this is my own
personal belief though, sometimes people like to get there different routes.

I look forward to a day where I see many more theme shops contributing
people. To that point, if you are a theme shop and you are contributing
people, shout about it! I want to know and see everyone of you amazing
people :)


On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 11:47 AM, Greg Priday <greg at siteorigin.com> wrote:

> For those of you who missed it:
> http://ma.tt/2014/09/five-for-the-future/
> The theme review queue is a perfect example of a system that suffers from
> the tragedy of the commons. Theme developers, especially those benefiting
> from the theme directory to drive their freemium business models really
> need to step up and help out more.
> My theme company (SiteOrigin), is still rather small, but I'm willing to
> commit 5% of our resources to the queue. Are there any other freemium theme
> developers/shops willing to do the same?
> This only works out to about 2 hours per developer per week.
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