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Thomas Usborne hello at edge22.com
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Thanks for getting back to me.


Sorry for not being more specific.


The options are already present in the parent theme – so the child theme won't necessarily be adding more options to the customize panel.


The child theme will simply be changing some of the pre-existing parent theme options (sidebar layout for example).


On theme activation I know I can import settings from a .json file, but wanted to know if this was frowned upon for some reason?


I wouldn't want to automatically import the .json file in case they made changes, changed themes and changed back – wouldn't want to overwrite their options. However, I could add a notice of some sort with a link to initiate the import of settings from the .json file.


Thanks again!



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Hard to say without more specific details. But the easy way is for the parent theme to be expandable through the use of actions and filters.


So for example, in the parent, in the function where it's adding the customize stuff, you could do_action('themename_customize_whatever'); and then the child could add it's own function to do more stuff, and hook it into that action.


Same for any settings or options or arrays of "stuff". Run them through an apply_filters call in the parent, and then the child can use that to modify them before they make it wherever they're going.




On Thu, May 22, 2014 at 5:34 PM, Thomas Usborne <hello at edge22.com> wrote:

Hi everyone, hope I'm doing this right!


I recently had my first theme added to WordPress.org.


I now want to begin releasing some child themes for it, but have a question about how to go about doing that.


The child themes will obviously have some CSS etc.. but it will also have some options changed in the "Customize" section of the parent theme.


Would it be acceptible to display a message to the user upon activation which would allow them to click a link to import some of the options into the parent theme?


If not, what's the best way for me to go about this?





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