[theme-reviewers] Licensing Question

JulieKuehl.com julie at juliekuehl.com
Tue Mar 18 23:49:48 UTC 2014

Hello all. I'm new here, so go easy on me. :-)

I have a question about licensing. I'm looking at a theme that has this in the readme.txt file:

Script: nav.js
Source: http://maxfoundry.com/blog/responsive-mobile-navigation-in-wordpress/
Copyright author: John Hartley
Author URI: http://maxfoundry.com/blog/author/johnbhartley 
License: none (public domain) 

If you go to that website there is a copyright notice in the footer. I can't find anything in the blog post or elsewhere on the site that indicates any sort of explicit licensing statement. But of course the site is intended for sharing code with the public.


Julie Kuehl

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