[theme-reviewers] Theme author violating WordPress trademark

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 12:15:46 UTC 2014


Because, it's not our business to be policing legal issues on WordPress'
behalf, besides that being obviously inappropriate, the admins have stated
that that's not within our purview many times.

I personally wouldn't say or do anything, it's WordPress' responsibility.
However, if you're going to take action, forwarding to the appropriate
party so they can decide how to handle it seems most appropriate.

If someone is going to ask someone to transfer over or let expire a domain,
which can be done in a perfectly friendly manner by a lawyer, doesn't have
to be nasty at all, it should be WordPress themselves or their legal
council, possibly an admin like @Otto (I'm sure he would also just forward
the info along though?), but certainly not the community or theme review


No worries, simple mistake. I've dropped my opinion without enough
information many times as well, and I'm sure we'll all make mistakes like
that in the future, just apart of being human. Just saying, it doesn't hurt
to take a minute to check your information sometimes, especially when
saying something someone has done is "wrong" or "bad".
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