[theme-reviewers] GPL-Compatibility

Afzaal wordpress at thinkupthemes.com
Wed Jun 4 18:29:11 UTC 2014

Timing is great! Just uploaded a new theme earlier today which  
contains an image from unsplash, so I'll go ahead and change that asap.

Is there a central place here where GPL image providers are listed? If  
I remember correctly, there was a push a few months back to find  
places where we could get GPL images.

Thanks as always!


Quoting Emil Uzelac <emil at uzelac.me>:

> Hey guys,
> I was thinking to write a post about it, but I chose the list instead.
> As I was going over some license *issues* with my very own work, it turns
> out that sites like http://unsplash.com/ are completely unreliable and
> probably not the best choice to use images from.
> The site itself does not have an explicit license, other than a line where
> it says "All photos CC0", which is definitely not enough.
> Should we "police" this? You bet!
> All right, so I took few extra steps and came to conclusion that the
> original license and the license http://unsplash.com/ advertise are
> different.
> In most cases the license are either not CC0, or they require a special
> permission by the owner and in some other cases released under CC and we
> all know that CC alone is not GPL-Compatible. Not to mention that sites
> lists images from people that don't even exist.
> When that special permission is granted the source needs to have that in
> writing, otherwise "All photos CC0" means nothing to us.
> Best example:
> http://500px.com/photo/69737425/hoi-an-vietnam-by-rafael-chiti?from=user
> Thanks,
> Emil

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