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Thomas from ThemeZee contact at themezee.com
Thu Jul 31 21:15:25 UTC 2014

Ah good to know. I always thought tickets should not be hijacked by other
reviewers :)

2014-07-31 23:06 GMT+02:00 Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com>:

> On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 4:00 PM, Thomas from ThemeZee <
> contact at themezee.com> wrote:
>> Relating to the admin bottle-neck: What about appointing trusted /
>> experienced theme reviewers? They can perform second reviews of the
>> "approved themes but not marked live" list. Since they are experienced they
>> will find issues quickly. They should not be allowed to mark themes as
>> live, but are able to reopen tickets.
> For what it's worth, anybody can do that right now. You don't have to be
> "assigned" a ticket to leave comments on it. You don't need to reopen it to
> tell an author there are problems you've found.
> I honestly never liked the assigning of tickets in the first place. It's
> too rigid, IMO. I realize that we need order and fairness, but the
> assignment system seems to imply that there is only one reviewer per theme,
> and that's absolutely not the case. If you want to go pick a waiting theme
> at random, find problems in it, and post them in that ticket, then by all
> means, do so. A problem discovered but not posted helps nobody.
> There's nothing preventing anybody from reviewing any theme they want at
> any time, just by leaving comments on a ticket to tell a theme author about
> the issues. If a theme is fully good by the time admins get to it, then
> it's quicker all around, no? Okay, it's more disorderly. But we're all
> adults; we can deal with a little disorder.
> -Otto
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