[theme-reviewers] Best Practice Question: style.css

Weaver Theme weavertheme at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 19:26:50 UTC 2014

I've been looking at some themes lately, and have noticed what may be a
trend in how style.css is handled.

A number of themes, including Responsive, for example, are providing an
"empty" style.css with just the header info needed to work with WP, while
providing the actual style in a style file buried in some subdirectory. One
loads the "real" style first, followed by the standard style.css (to get
child themes)

I can see both positives and negatives with this.

It makes it a little harder for users to mess with it directly.
It allows a theme to more easily load one of several style sheets depending
on options, perhaps.
It simplifies creation of child themes in that they don't have to @import
the parent stylesheet (if they know the parent is using this practice.)

The main disadvantage I see is that a child theme can't do a total style
replacement by NOT @importing the parent.

Any thoughts on this? It seems there should be some guidelines on and
"empty" style.css and putting the theme style elsewhere. It really does
affect how child themes deal with the parent style.css.

Bruce Wampler.
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