[theme-reviewers] errorHandler message from Debogger

Perry Bonewell pbonewell at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 19:26:21 UTC 2014

Cheers for the replies (below).

The theme uses Hybrid Core and I had forgotten to turn off the (now
defunct) Hybrid Widgets.

The problem is now fixed.

Apologies if this reply is out of sync - I haven't got the hang of Mailman
yet. Need to RTFM :)

via Emil Uzelac

1. https://wordpress.org/plugins/debogger/ was not updated in 2 years.
2. This is not an actual message you got, correct?

via Chip Bennett

That sounds like an issue with the Plugin, and not with the Theme being

When reviewing for error notices, it is usually best to ensure that ALL
Plugins are disabled, if you are unsure of the source of an error notice.
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