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Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Mon Jul 7 16:21:19 UTC 2014

On Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 6:26 AM, Tushar Katariya <tushar4monto at gmail.com>
> hello,
> I am getting this message when login
> You've been blocked. If you think a mistake has been made, contact this
> site's administrator.

Your account was blocked for sockpuppetry at some point. A
quick investigation revealed around 5 accounts all from the same IPs and
all related: cyberwani.dinesh, potenzaglobal, Bhavesh4monto,
cyberwani, tushar4monto... Which is these is the real person, and which are
fake accounts that you have created in the past?

You cannot create multiple accounts on our systems and then use them all.
One account per person. That's how it works. Pick one to use. All the rest
will be blocked.

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