[theme-reviewers] Suggestion !

support at fasterthemes.com support at fasterthemes.com
Fri Jul 4 04:43:44 UTC 2014

Hi Emil/Chip.
I have a small concern and suggestion in themes approval process after 
it gets approved by the reviewer.

For e.g. :  Newest Theme is : Litesite Added June 28

Approx 1 week has passed and none of the themes which were approved a 
few days ago went live after this.

There are a few themes which are 7 weeks old or so still waiting for the 
Ref : 

I think if we can have a process where you admins make 1-2 themes LIVE 
daily instead of putting themes LIVE in BULK (like a few days ago you 
put 30 themes LIVE at once) will surely encourage theme developers.

P.S. I understand that you guys have loads of work and we are running 
short of volunteers and admins but this point which I raised above 
should be considered for giving it a thought :)

Thank You.

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