[theme-reviewers] Child theme question

emin ozlem eminozlem at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 01:35:37 UTC 2014

I am using option framework for theme options panel, but it doesnt seem to
be working with child themes.
1- If anyone else's also used option framework in the past, can someone
confirm that it doesnt work with child themes ? Or have I done something
wrong ?

2- I got it to work later but I have a fundamental question here; when
someone is working with a child theme, should the options in the panel be
saved separately as 'my_theme_child_options' in addition to
'my_theme_parent_options' ?
Or should they synced, ie; options set in the panel stay intact whether you
use the parent theme or the child.

Personally, I'd rather choose the latter; I'd use child theme for file
overrides, but would like to have the same options (excerpt limit, logo,
favicon etc. etc. ). I'd like to know your opinions which is the best
practice ?
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