[theme-reviewers] Theme shops inside end user's website!

Zulfikar Nore zulfikarnore at live.com
Sat Jan 11 13:10:12 UTC 2014

Hello team,

I'm currently reviewing two themes as follow:

Both these themes add a secondary page on the Appearance section.
My understanding is that themes can only add "One" theme page and as many tabs as they like.
But this point has been argued strongly for and against - we still need clarification though!

My main concern is that both themes are using these secondary pages to advertise their shop's
other theme - I class this as unrelated items to the active theme and again this needs clarification
on weather we allow it or not.

But a bigger concern is that in both cases (most likely many other authors are doing it too) these
pages are pulling in content from external sources i.e. author's site and planting it in the end user's
site. Effectively what they have is their shops inside someone else's site. For me this is overdoing it
and I feel that it must not be allowed.

Your views please

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