[theme-reviewers] I am sorry about the flaming in the list

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Sat Feb 8 16:17:35 UTC 2014

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Asunto: I am sorry about the flaming in the list 

I Just want to say to the crew of WPTRT Sorry, for flaming, i dont knew 
why i didnt received the replies to my posts on the mailing list, surely 
a mistake in configurations or something, i didnt even noticed you 
responded, and as some person says i hijacked the post the winner of the 
reps, but a desperate effort to get any feedback by not knowing how to 
proceed and going forth and back in a loop of misinformation..
My mistake, i am sorry. I hope you will forgive such a behaviour.
I hope i will come back to the team review team on the future, but at 
the moment i am too much ashamed and embarrrased by this situation.
Thanks for comprehension.
Ramiro C. Aka

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