[theme-reviewers] Can Text Domain be name of the Theme shop?

Hugo Saner hugo at sanerdesign.com
Thu Feb 6 10:52:46 UTC 2014

Hey Guys,

It was my work on the CyberChimps themes that started this conversation and I do completely understand that text domain names have to be unique.

However a lot of the themes I work on are based on a framework which share all the same files and all the same translations. There are only a few translations that are specific to the theme itself. If we follow this rule then we have to do exactly the same translations over and over again which is not best for DRY programming and especially not good for our users as updating all the different translations will be very difficult, time consuming and probably not provide the best translations we possible can.

So I guess my question really is why our text domain of ‘cyberchimps’ which is and always will be unique to the cyberchimps themes is not good enough in this case? I mean from a php point of view you cannot have 2 themes running at the same time so our themes will not conflict with each other and no one else should use our text domain in their plugins so there should be no conflict there either.



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