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Jose Castaneda jomcastaneda at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 03:24:34 UTC 2014

First of all congrats to the three winners of the program ( Rohit, Zulf,
and Alex )

Second of all amazing job Srikanth on the impressive amount of updates

Last, I know we don't all post on the make blog(s) but I would love it if
we all made an attempt to at least post once a week. I've been trying to
and you would be amazed as to how much goes on at once. The support forum
team, core, UI, meta and others is a great way to learn more about what is
going on not only in the WordPress community but the future of it as well.

One thing I'm personally looking forward to is the Widget Customizer
integration and the styling/documentation of Media within WordPress core.

Another is on the meta trac which I know not many really know about. I
seriously encourage you all to at least head over to
meta.trac.wordpress.organd check out some of the tickets. In
particular tickets: 27, 30, 45, and

So if you haven't already posted on the blog:

Go ahead. And once there check out what the UI and core team are doing. :)

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