[theme-reviewers] flaw in gallery CSS

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Fri Aug 8 21:06:20 UTC 2014

Before I submit my new theme, I discovered something when testing the theme
with the theme unit test, in particular, the gallery when using the
thumbnail size (default). When you view a 4 or more column gallery, they do
not float correctly and it's basically a continuous row of thumbnails until
it reaches the edge of the content area, then it continues to the next line.
This also happens with the Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen themes. This
is when the inline styling for the gallery is removed (as it is coded even
for the default themes now), but it appears there is a flaw in the gallery
layout CSS. It works fine when the thumbnail size is set to at least medium.


With my theme I'm about to submit, I simply used the same CSS as the default
WP theme Twenty Fourteen that uses <figure> and no inline styling..but as I
mentioned, the column CSS for the gallery is flawed and does not properly
wrap to the next line. I'm assuming this is going to affect the review and
approval of my theme?

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