[theme-reviewers] paginate_links() function - Reopened tickets

wordpress at thinkupthemes.com wordpress at thinkupthemes.com
Tue Apr 15 11:02:54 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Can I get some clarification on the use of paginate_links() as I  
notice that quite a number of themes were reopened yesterday with this  
being a common reason.

I've checked the started theme _s and this function is not being used,  
instead a custom theme function is used instead. Within twentyfourteen  
a custom function is also used, however in this case paginate_links()  
is used to form part of the custom function so is used in the  
twentyfourteen theme.

Can a theme developer use a custom pagination function to output to a  
template file, provided that the function itself incorporates the  
WordPress function paginate_links()?



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