[theme-reviewers] Closing Tickets and "Bumping" review ticket comments

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Mon Apr 7 22:01:27 UTC 2014


A couple requests:

*Please do not "bump" comments in open tickets*. I follow-up on on
open/assigned tickets based on age of the ticket, as determined by latest
activity. Generally, I follow up on tickets that have had no activity for
over one week, and then close tickets that have not had activity for
another week. So, if you "bump" the comments in the tickets, by asking for
updates, it "resets" the clock on admin follow-up activity, meaning that
abandoned tickets will stay open for longer.

Also, except for extreme circumstances, *please do not close tickets as
"not approved"*. Per our current workflow, we leave the ticket open to
allow for developer response. We want the ticket to stay open if the
developer is responsive, so that all updates take place in the same ticket.
If the developer fails to respond, I'll catch it in the ticket follow-up,
and will take care of closing them.

Thanks for all of your contributions. We're currently running out of
tickets to be assigned, which is a very good problem!

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