[theme-reviewers] Licensing question - Author sells on Mojo Themes

Afzaal wordpress at thinkupthemes.com
Wed Apr 2 12:36:04 UTC 2014


I'm currently reviewing a theme where the author has links on their  
website to products they sell on Mojo Themes and Mojo Theme Forest.  
They sell WordPress themes on Mojo Themes. The T&C for Mojo state that  
all the products on their marketplace are GPL, however on the actual  
purchase page the customer has a choice of different licences. Where  
each license allows for different usage restrictions (e.g. number of  
domains theme can be used on).

Can anyone shed some light on what do this in this situation? Has  
anyone come across this before? Should I ask the author to remove and  
files from such marketplaces, where the product is not GPL licensed?  
Or could it be that I'm interpreting the Mojo Themes license  

The ticket in question is #17605. Thanks, any guidance would be much  



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