[theme-reviewers] Attn Chip: Removal of spammer uploaded theme folder

Chandra Maharzan maharzan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 15:57:32 UTC 2013

Hi Chip,

(I couldn't email it from my official email address so emailing from
personal account.)

I was trying to upload my company (Graph Paper Press's) Mixfolio theme on
the wordpress.org repo and I got a message mentioning the theme name
already existed. Upon further research, I found out that someone (looks
like a spammer) submitted our theme and you have not approved the theme.
Thank you for doing that. The ticket is here:

Since Mixfolio is also on WordPress.com, we want to keep the same name on
WordPress.org. Can you please remove the existing folder so I can upload
our latest version of the theme? Or reassign the folder to this username:
endortrails ?

Thank you.

Chandra Maharzan
Theme Developer
Graph Paper Press

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