[theme-reviewers] Providing commercial non-GPL themes

Ünsal Korkmaz unsalkorkmaz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 10:49:10 UTC 2013


   - Commercial versions of free Themes (i.e. “freemium” or “up-sell”
   Themes) are *required* to be released under GPL-compatible licenses

I want to clarify a thing before it becomes a trouble.
Theme: FirmaSite <http://wordpress.org/themes/firmasite>
Theme Uri: http://theme.firmasite.com/gpl/

I am preparing to release a premium theme. Probably it wont be full GPL
because of some premium components. Its based on my FirmaSite theme but its
not child-theme of FirmaSite or its not a up-sell (there is no links or any
type of description in FirmaSite to promote commercial ones.). Its just
using FirmaSite as core.

Basically my GPL theme is not related to commercial theme. Commerical theme
is just using GPL theme as core. GPL theme is in
http://theme.firmasite.com/gpl/ and i am planning to release and give
support in same site ( http://theme.firmasite.com/commercial/  etc.)

Is there any problem?
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