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Thu Oct 10 13:02:35 UTC 2013

I'm also a total fan of the review incentive program. It is just awesome to
get reviewed your theme so fast and the reviewers really deserve the reward.

But I have to agree with Justin. In my opinion the featured themes section
should really have more rotation. It has improved with the incentive
program, but the rest of the featured themes always stays the same.

What about letting the three reviewers with the most theme reviews choose
one of their own themes to be featured AND suggest one theme from another
author to be featured. Since the theme reviewers actually have reviewed and
seen most of the themes they are best to judge the quality of themes. The
admins then can check the three suggested themes and may feature them if
they're really good.

2013/10/9 Zulfikar Nore <zulfikarnore at live.com>

> Maybe the popular theme section should be given a more prominent place
> like the Showcase has? but WordPress.org hosted themes :)
> > Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2013 15:43:44 -0500
> > From: justin at justintadlock.com
> > To: theme-reviewers at lists.wordpress.org
> > Subject: Re: [theme-reviewers] Featured Themes
> >
> > When Charlie opened this topic, I think he may have had the right
> > intentions but focused on the wrong thing. Even if he didn't, I'm going
> > to shift gears for a bit.
> >
> > Of course, anyone who puts in the kind of time that's required to review
> > all those themes and see them through until they get approved, deserves
> > some major credit. The review incentive program is awesome for that,
> > and I'm happy we implemented it.
> >
> > The featured themes list has always been something of a mystery to most
> > theme authors. The real "problem" is actually getting a theme
> > featured. Whenever that question comes up, I hope our default answer
> > isn't going to be "the review incentive program".
> >
> > That's never been nor should it be the only way for a theme to get
> featured.
> >
> > Not everyone has the time to do reviews. It's not necessarily something
> > they have control over. And, it's not something that should stand in
> > the way of their theme getting equal treatment when we're deciding on
> > featured themes.
> >
> > There are really good, quality themes that never get showcased because
> > our featured themes list isn't rotated often enough. This has been
> > discussed before, but how themes get featured is not an open process.
> > I'd like to see that changed.
> >
> > I'm not sure exactly what to do to change it, but it's something worth
> > discussing.
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