[theme-reviewers] GPL and limiting usage

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 01:46:00 UTC 2013


"*it feels like a CyberChimps effort to get Pagelines out of the theme repo*

I'm sorry you feel that way, that's pretty petty. I also don't appreciate
my ethics coming into question.

You're entitled to your opinion, but I hope people would rather look at the
merits of the issues here instead.

I think DMS is a pretty interesting and creative theme actually and if
there wasn't anything here that was harmful to users there wouldn't be an
issue at all. No one would have ever said anything to begin with.

And if it was your theme, my theme or anyone else' theme who's company
model was questionable like this, I certainly hope it would be scrutinized
just the same.

I don't care if DMS is in the repo, it doesn't effect me or CyberChimps in
the least, so long as all these issues are worked out PageLines is welcome
to submit themes to the repo like anyone else. Again, these are real
issues, not even brought to the table by us and certainly not something
we've fabricated.

Again, this issue has nothing to do with CyberChimps, I wish I didn't work
for them because this issue would be no different, I'd be just as invested.
I've proven time and time again that I stand up for my convictions. This
isn't the first or last time I'll be involved in a heated or controversial

Can we please stick to the issues and not try to turn this into a personal
vendetta again.

"*My question is can I remove the part of the software that deals with this
DRM and redistribute it?*"

Of course you can, but it can't be there in the first place and you
shouldn't have to remove it. I think we agree on that.
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