[theme-reviewers] Scripts enqueue in header.php

Rohit Tripathi rohitink at live.com
Fri Oct 4 09:49:08 UTC 2013

This is what the WordPress Guidelines has to say about it:
Themes are required to enqueue all stylesheets and scripts, using wp_enqueue_style()/wp_enqueue_script(), and hooked into an appropriate hook via callback function, rather than hard-coding stylesheet/script links or tags in the template.Themes are required to use the Theme-specific hook for admin-enqueued scripts/stylesheets, e.g. admin_print_scripts-appearance_page_$menu_slugThemes may optionally link the default stylesheet (style.css) directly in the document head, or viawp_enqueue_style(). Whichever method is used, the default stylesheet must be referenced via get_stylesheet_uri()Themes are required to use core-bundled scripts, if using such scriptsThemes must not use TimThumb
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Subject: [theme-reviewers] Scripts enqueue in header.php

Do scripts need to be enqueue in header.php 		 	   		  

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