[theme-reviewers] Custom Post Metas in the Theme

Justin Tadlock justin at justintadlock.com
Fri Nov 22 19:44:16 UTC 2013

Well, Gmail decided to mess up my emails today.  I fell behind on the 

I noticed this during a review audit of a new theme and re-opened the 
ticket.  Essentially, the issue in this specific case deals with a theme 
creating a method of entering user content (content generation).  This 
content is saved as post metadata.  Therefore, the user has no access to 
the content after switching themes.  This ties the user to using the 
theme (the "lock in" issue). Specifically, the content has to do with 
adding things like galleries, an audio player, chat text, and so on.  
These are things that would normally already be saved as post content 
via the post editor.

Checking for the existence of the meta on the front end is no problem 
(e.g., the 3.6 Post Format UI meta stuff).

I didn't feel like it was worth suspending the previous theme for the 
same reasons Chip cited.  I have left a note on the previous ticket for 
that theme so that both the author and next reviewer are aware of the issue.

Post meta boxes are not really relevant to this.  That was just the UI 
method used to enter the content.  On the subject of checking for meta 
boxes within Theme Check, an "info" notice might be something worth 
doing.  It would just be a head's up to the reviewer that the theme is 
utilizing meta boxes and that they should only handle theme-specific 
data like layout options, for example.

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