[theme-reviewers] Theme having problem with developer plugin, is it acceptable?

Swagata Das swagata_das at siteobtain.com
Thu Nov 21 17:36:38 UTC 2013

Hello, currently reviewing a previously reviewed theme which is having 
problem while switching to another theme. The problem is when I try to 
switch to another theme clicking on the activation link the new 
activated theme still showing informations theme screenshot, author URL, 
theme URL, theme name, description in current theme section.

For example: the theme I am reviewing is "kimono", when I try to 
activate "Twenty Twelve", notification shows that "Twenty Twelve" has 
been activated as new theme but in Current Theme section it is still 
showing that the current theme is "kimono" and all it's contents.

N.B: This doesn't happen when all developer plugins are deactivated.

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