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Stuart Wider stuartwider at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 10:41:28 UTC 2013

I agree with Justin and Konstantin.

If its handled within relationships defined within regular built in
categories and tags then the theme would be just displaying relationships
which the user has defined using standard wordpress functionality.

Themes should be free to output post information using standard
user-defined relationships in whatever way is useful for the design
intention of the theme.

On the other hand if some special coding is require to add some
relationship functionality over and above whats already built into wp then
we'd be looking something that might go into a plugin.

On 15 November 2013 09:35, Konstantin Kovshenin <kovshenin at gmail.com> wrote:

> Great question, and I think it's perfectly fine if you can handle related
> posts in your theme without the overhead of extra tables, indices and heavy
> search algorithms. Here's what I did for Expound:
> http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/browser/expound/1.8/functions.php#L218
> By default, the related posts section outputs posts from the same
> category, ordered by date, simple as that. But it also looks for the
> popular YARPP plugin and uses that instead, if it's active.
> On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 8:09 AM, Justin Tadlock <justin at justintadlock.com>wrote:
>> On the general subject of "plugin territory", there's no need for us to
>> go overboard.  There are things that are clearly plugin territory (post
>> types, taxonomies, analytics, etc.).  But, there is such a thing as a gray
>> area, an area where both themes and plugins can handle the functionality
>> without that functionality being labeled as only "plugin territory" or only
>> "theme territory".
>> On 11/14/2013 5:04 PM, Chip Bennett wrote:
>>> WordPress core has no way to *define* "related" posts - which is the
>>> critical difference between related and recent posts.
>> WordPress core has many ways to define related posts.  Categories, tags,
>> and post formats immediately come to mind.  That's the purpose of a
>> taxonomy.  It allows you to group related things.  The user has clearly
>> defined this relationship by choosing a term from one or more of those
>> taxonomies.
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