[theme-reviewers] Related Post

Justin Tadlock justin at justintadlock.com
Fri Nov 15 04:09:15 UTC 2013

On the general subject of "plugin territory", there's no need for us to 
go overboard.  There are things that are clearly plugin territory (post 
types, taxonomies, analytics, etc.).  But, there is such a thing as a 
gray area, an area where both themes and plugins can handle the 
functionality without that functionality being labeled as only "plugin 
territory" or only "theme territory".

On 11/14/2013 5:04 PM, Chip Bennett wrote:
> WordPress core has no way to *define* "related" posts - which is the 
> critical difference between related and recent posts.

WordPress core has many ways to define related posts.  Categories, tags, 
and post formats immediately come to mind.  That's the purpose of a 
taxonomy.  It allows you to group related things.  The user has clearly 
defined this relationship by choosing a term from one or more of those 

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