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Rohit Tripathi rohitink at live.com
Wed Nov 13 05:07:43 UTC 2013

I was asked to update my screenshots for a theme because, a part of the screenshot contained an image(post with featured image) from a movie. Obviously, the movie is copyrighted to someone else, but I am not distributing the poster with the theme. Secondly, I am not violating any copyrights too. Screenshots are just demonstrations of a site using my theme. What can be a better screenshot than the screenshot of a real site actually using the theme?
Secondly, if the images shown in the screenshots itself have to be under GPL then there can be many problems with a large amount of themes. None of the themes, declare licenses for the images/site used to create the screenshot. I bet most of them are not GPL. But, it doesn't matter we are not distributing the images. It only makes the theme looks good. Moreover, we are not using paid or pirated images. Also, the images used to build the screenshot are not even Default images in the theme, that they would show up in theme preview.
Thirdly, even the components of the Theme Unit test might cause a conflict with the screenshot being GPL. For e.g. the Post Format Test: Video(in theme unit test), if the screenshot contains that particular post, then the video would appear in it. The image of the Video/or the Thumbnail of the video is not under GPL. So, isn't that a problem?
All I want to say is that, we are all using fully GPL compatible resources in our themes. I think, there shouldn't be such strictness on the themes. Also, I would completely respect the decision taken by theme admins on this. But, I atleast request you to understand the genuinity of the cause I bring to you.
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