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Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 22:16:38 UTC 2013


Even in that specific way is that something that reviewers should be
checking for?

It just seems like it would be greatly tedious, perhaps impossible to check
for such things. Seems like there should only be cause for "investigation"
when someone actually makes a complaint, otherwise it's outside the scope
of a reviewer's checks.

And also, what about us theme developers who don't have a problem with how
someone uses our works? I give permission and encourage users to take
BlankSlate and completely build their own theme, strip it down, swap out
all the prefixes and slugs for their own and even copyright their own
derived works as their own unique (and uniquely named) theme without being
slaves to paying some sort of attribution, essentially weakening their
theme's professional appearance, especially for those who want to build
their own pro themes to sell.

This is important to me because the nature of starter themes are meant for
this purpose. The only thing I would not like is if someone didn't change
the theme name and claimed ownership or portrayed themselves as the company
who created the original theme, unchanged.

A quick analogy would be if I owned ABC Lumber specializing in woods for
framing a house, my customers would be free to build their own custom homes
with having to put a plaque on their house saying "This House Made Possible
by ABC Lumber".

Not that everyone or even most people have to release their theme that way,
but am I allowed to extend the rights of use like that for my users?
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