[theme-reviewers] New review workflow

Paul Appleyard paul at spacecat.com
Thu May 23 02:15:14 UTC 2013

Nice work guys! To hell with paying work, I'm a-gonna go in and do 
another review with this shiny new system!

Paul Appleyard

On 23/05/2013 4:06 AM, Otto wrote:
> You all may have noticed that the review process in Trac is changing.
> This is a work-in-progress, in an attempt to streamline the process
> and make it a little more obvious and clear. Additionally, we will
> (eventually) be automating the "push-to-live" process to attempt to
> make that faster and to hopefully eliminate the 1 week delay emails on
> this list.
> You can thank/blame Andrew Nacin for all of this. He knows the ins and
> outs of Trac far better than I do. :)
> Here's a brief overview of the process:
> Reviewers: You will have the ability to go to a ticket and choose one
> of two things:
>   * review
>   * resolve as closed-newer-version-uploaded
> The idea here is that you pick a ticket to review, then change the
> status to "review". This will mark the ticket as being owned by you
> and say that you are in the process of reviewing it.
> Once you're done, you can post your review, and you have the ability to:
>   * resolve as not-approved
>   * resolve as closed-newer-version-uploaded
>   * approve
> The first two are obvious, but the "approve" is changing. Now it will
> no longer close the ticket. Instead, it will mark the ticket as
> approved, and go into a separate queue for the admins. This queue will
> let the admins, from Trac, choose to either "reopen" the ticket,
> leaving comments and explaining what more needs to be done, or they
> can mark the theme as ready for going live.
> Marking the theme as ready for live will, eventually, do the process
> automatically and make the theme live on WordPress.org/themes. Still
> working on that bit. :)
> The admins can also choose to assign themes to individual reviewers.
> The reviewer at that point will still need to go to the ticket and
> mark it as "review" to let the theme authors know that it's being
> actively reviewed.
> The goal is to streamline the process, make theme authors know what's
> going on better, and to eliminate the manual portions here.
> Eventually, we hope to simplify the newer-version part as well, but
> for now, the standard rule applies. If you pick a theme in the queue,
> the first thing to do is to check if any newer versions of the theme
> exist, and review the newer version while marking the old versions as
> "closed-newer-version-uploaded". Please, again, do NOT mark a theme as
> closed-newer-version-uploaded without doing a review of the latest
> version. This is to maintain the queue ordering.
> Hope that helps. More changes to come. :)
> -Otto
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