[theme-reviewers] PHP namespace

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Wed May 22 19:46:55 UTC 2013


Is using <?php namespace theme; ?> a reasonable excuse for then using 
'theme' as a textdomain? My gut instinct says "no".

That said, this theme is totally unlike any standard WPORG theme. The 
whole thing is pure actions hooks & filters (which is cool) but...

1. functions are not being named. - they're being added (wholesale) as 
the second argument to add_action and add_filter.
2. locate_template() is being used instead of get_template().

In general, trying to apply the guidelines to this theme is like trying 
to plait fog. It looks more like it's intended as a framework than a 
theme. Anyone care to weigh in?


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