[theme-reviewers] No More Private Off-listing Please (out of context)

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Sun May 19 06:54:36 UTC 2013

I don't see why anything anyone wishes to discuss would be awkward. I've
raised an issue that I have with the list, those that are apart of this
list who are interested in reading this and form an opinion or agree or
disagree can freely respond to the discussion. That's pretty straight
forward. That's how it works.

What's the point? What's the point of saying what's the point to any
discussion? You either have something to add to a discussion or you don't.
Dismissing a discussion and basically saying why are you discussing is
what's pointless. It's like going into a topic of people discussing their
favorite shade of blue and asking why are you guying talking about the
color blue, I don't like blue? So obviously that's not a discussion that
concerns or interests you...

But, to answer your question anyways. Often discussions in this list either
receive no replies whatsoever, dissipate quickly or ultimately reach no
conclusion/resolution. That's actually pretty typical anyways. Come on
Emil, should we just stop starting discussions unless we're sure everyone
will be interested? In fact, it generally works in the complete opposite.
Discussions are brought to the list to gauge how the list feels about it.
As an admin you should know better than most that to "stop" a discussion is
least constructive of all.

Besides that, I've already explained that I know first-hand people take
away something from these discussions even if they don't respond in-list,
because they do respond off-list. You're only going to prove my point about
why that's an issue, which is what I'm trying to clarify though you're
right, it's quickly becoming a lost cause.

So, do you actually have an opinion on the subject at hand instead of an
opinion about sharing opinions?

Anyone who wants to add something relevant to the subject at hand will, and
eventually it'll just die off like most other discussions. Just let it be.
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