[theme-reviewers] No More Private Off-listing Please (out of context)

Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Sun May 19 04:17:14 UTC 2013

I guess I've operated under the assumption that unsolicited, off-list
emails to other members of a public mail list are generally considered a
faux pas?

On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 6:29 PM, Bryan Hadaway <bhadaway at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm starting a separate topic for this because it's becoming an issue, an
> issue I think that effects the whole community, but I can only speak for
> myself. If you're not going to read the following and read it in full and
> reply in-list, don't read it at all.
> Ironically, I got another off-list email of someone essentially agreeing
> with me and saying they understand where I'm coming from (regarding recent
> issues I raised in "*Proposed criteria change for Commercially Supported
> GPL Themes page*" - I won't reveal their identity nor will I ever when
> someone wishes to remain anonymous, though I don't agree with the
> off-listing). Ironic because I didn't realize they went off-list at the
> time and my reply was as follows:
> "Anything list related is fine by me being public, I think it's better
> for the community because all these off-list private discussions is what
> are in fact counter-productive in my opinion (within reason of course, but
> I think this issue concerns others as well).
> Examples include people going off-list to take a certain tone with me that
> they're clearly not comfortable doing "in front of others" as well as
> several occasions where people went off-list just to agree with me because
> they weren't comfortable doing so publicly.
> You hear people talk about ethics and other strong standards in the
> WordPress community, but I see a lot of petty and unbecoming behavior.
> Mostly if you can't stand behind your convictions publicly, those
> convictions aren't worth a damn.
> I have no need to take conversations off-list because I have nothing to be
> embarrassed about, I have a strong moral center and even if I'm wrong about
> something that's fine, I'm very comfortable admitting when I'm wrong, it's
> the best way to learn.
> Whether the WP community, my own business and online communities or my
> real life family and friends, people always know where I stand. Tired of a
> PC, beat around the bush, euphemism society. That doesn't mean that
> politeness isn't important. But, it's because of our oversensitive society
> that that line becomes blurred.
> Albeit, I should learn to pick by battles better, that's just the kind of
> person I am, if I feel something needs saying, it will be said, even if in
> vein.
> Yes, I had sent some inquires to themes at wordpress.org with no reply which
> is why I initially raised the issue to the list a while back, to get some
> community feedback, but never got any official resolution until now.
> I know what you mean, believe it or not, I skip about 90% of these
> discussions. I really only chime in when I have something pertinent,
> relevant or substantial to say unless I'm helping with a newbie question
> real quick.
> I usually just go by the subjects of the email and delete every subsequent
> email reply of those subjects that either don't concern me or I'm not
> interested in/can't add anything to.
> Anyways, let's bury this dead horse. I raised some issues, Scott was able
> to shed some light on them, back to refining the criteria for commercial
> list eligibility."
> Anyways, now that that is out of the way, onto the...
> *Bottom Line*
> - If a discussion originates privately and want to go on to share it with
> the list to get feedback, great.
> - If you want to contact me privately about something off-topic, great.
> - But, if a discussion originates in-list, agree or disagree with me *
> in-list*, *in context*, *publicly*. That's how a community works. If you
> can't share your opinion with me in-list and have to go off-list to share
> with me privately so that no one else sees, I don't want it. It doesn't do
> me any good in validating that my points have merit.
> If you agree with a peer in your community, speak up during the meeting
> for the whole community to hear. Don't wait til it's over and come over and
> whisper in my ear "Hey man, I appreciate what you said and get what you're
> saying completely." That's counter-productive and the complete opposite of
> how a community should work.
> I don't know what it is about the WP community, but people are so afraid
> to speak their minds sometimes like they're going to get banned or
> something. This is unfortunate.
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