[theme-reviewers] Pages: date/time stamp should not be displayed?!

Edward Caissie edward.caissie at gmail.com
Thu May 16 16:13:50 UTC 2013

I was just reviewing the latest Theme Unit Test data (mostly because I
cannot seem to get the entire data set to import into my local test
environment) and noticed "date/time stamp should not be displayed" ...
perhaps I missed some extensive discussion but where did this guideline
come from?

This is the single most common complaint about information found on
WordPress installations that I hear, the reader generally has no idea if
the information is current or stale ... and more often than not those
search results that appear to rank highest tend also to be the ones that
are outdated.

I can see the category/tag meta data not being displayed (mostly due to it
not being available in a default installation) but to not show the
timestamp by reason of it being a guideline, that simply does not make

By design? Yes. By theme author prerogative? Yes. Dictated by the WPTRT? NO.

Edward Caissie
aka Cais.
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