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My two cents? I don't care what the reasons are for tracking IP or any other data. You are in my WordPress admin. You are adding things into my Control Panel that I use to administer my website. I am the supreme king in there and anything you do in my admin should be fully disclosed, period. Every other argument is pointless to me until that is settled. My admin, my rights. Add it, don't add it, but tell me what you are doing when you come into my house. :)

James Lawswpninjas.com

---- On Sat, 11 May 2013 07:14:15 -0500 Daniel Fenn <danielx386 at gmail.com> wrote ---- 

And the fact that webservers collect ip addresses as well. (apache,
litespeed etc)

On 5/11/13, Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) <philip at frumph.net> wrote:
> Yeah, really not having an issue with it, there’s no rule or regulation
> against sending the IP hidden or otherwise. Mail’s generally have the
> originators IP in them to begin with, this is just making sure the IP of the
> ‘real’ originator since it will be coming from the users server’s location
> in the headers of the mail.
> Just to point out that regular vanilla WordPress collects IP’s of comments
> without notifying.
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> 1. To block known bad IPs (like Akismet), to build location stats on your
> users (no different than GA, nothing unethical about it that I can tell at
> first glance).
> 2. This would be better asked as why disclose that info? I've never seen a
> form on any website EVER, do this. That includes .org and .com. I've seen
> little snippets about why your email address is needed, but I've absolutely
> NEVER seen in a form in any context EVER have a little "PS: We also collect
> your IP for spam and banning purposes." And I sincerely doubt you or anyone
> else on this list has ever seen that besides buried deep in the bowels of
> the TOS or Privacy Policy fine print that doesn't really apply in this
> context anyways.
> 3. Because the options are stored in the db, not sent to someone's inbox. An
> inbox that perhaps would rather avoid being filled with potentially
> thousands of spam emails or even if they went to the spam folder. Also, I'm
> sure there are other serious professionals like myself who aren't negligent
> enough to simply delete their spam emails without scanning them for false
> positives first.
> Hey, maybe this person really does somehow have malicious intent, though I
> can't imagine how, but ultimately I'm protected the precedent, not the
> individual use-case which I think most of us understand is the larger
> concern when these issues come up.
> As to the last bit, that's programmer speak that goes right over my head.
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