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Sami Keijonen sami.keijonen at foxnet.fi
Fri Mar 29 07:52:22 UTC 2013

> I may have missed something, but generally, custom header images, if
> using the core custom header functionality, are shown as CSS
> backgrounds. That's the easiest and most compatible way to do it,
> especially if you're designing to look good on mobile too.
> Now, I grant you that you don't *have* to do it that way, but
> twenty-eleven/twelve/thirteen all do, and I expect many themes have
> copied code from them. Twenty Ten, notably, did not do it that way and
> used an IMG tag, with a blank alt.
> -Otto
> _______________________________________________

There are pros and cons using custom header image as CSS backgrounds. Good
thing is that you can show it only on larger screens with media queries and
large header background don't get loaded on mobile. Not so good thing is
that background image don't scale. Imagine that header image is a band
image. In smaller screens only quitar player curly hair would be seen.

So my opinion is leave alt tag blank when using it as an image, not CSS

Sami Keijonen
Fox Holding Oy
sami.keijonen at foxnet.fi
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